Data Science Lab.

Department of Industrial and System Engineering,
Faculty of Science and Engineering,
Hosei University,

Studies in the Lab "If we read the data correctly, we can see into the future."

With the advancement of information and communication technology, various things around us are connected to the Internet, and we are now living in an age where it is easy to grasp the information ( or the value ) of things and the demand for their production. In this laboratory, we are conducting research to interpret the meaning of such data generated from objects and the Internet from the perspective of statistics. We aim to develop human resources who can find the value of data by mathematically modeling the structure behind the data and reading and interpreting the data.

Communication with society

In the current environment surrounding our society, we are observing many phenomena that can be called abnormal. Natural phenomena such as global warming, large earthquakes, and pandemics of infectious diseases, as well as modern technologies such as faster computing devices, the development of information and communication technologies such as IoT, and the development of algorithms that can be thought of as artificial intelligence, have changed dramatically in the past few years. It is important to understand and interpret these changes as much as possible, and then envision what the future will look like. In this laboratory, we deal with the theme of predicting the future state of various data, based on the belief that the goal of statistics is prediction. We try to link science, engineering, and society with statistics and information technology.

"Accelerated life test can be used to estimate product life."

Our research on statistical modeling of accelerated life tests is useful for predicting the lifespan of electrical devices that exist around us. In addition, the theory used in our research on the estimation of ability assessment and the optimization of question schemes based on the prediction is used in the TOEIC, an English language proficiency test used by many people. In the future, this research may be used not only in certification exams but also in more familiar daily learning support situations.

What to do after graduation "Data science is an important tool for any business."

In this laboratory, we are conducting research based on statistics, which is the foundation of data science. After graduation, our students go on to a wide range of careers, including SE, consulting, securities, transportation, and real estate. I believe that statistics, which deals with data, is a discipline that is necessary and applicable in all industries. In today's society, where information technology and globalization are advancing, various systems (companies, information, production, etc.) are becoming more complex. Human resources who can analyze the data collected from such systems and approach them scientifically will be required in all fields in the future. I hope that you will develop an eye for reading and understanding data correctly.